Andrei Jablokow, PhD

Andrei JablokowI went to school for a long time and earned the highest degree in Mechanical Engineering. I am not sure I needed or wanted a PhD but, it was the next thing after my MS simply because I wasn’t finding any work in my area. I’ve taught Mechanical Engineering at Penn State and at Drexel University in Philadelphia. In between I have tried to build my own consulting company and worked in sales for some large computer hardware and software companies before going back to teaching engineering. I’ve got more training and certifications than any one person needs in Training Facilitation, Coaching, Personality Models, Public Speaking, Marketing, Accelerated Learning, and even strength training and martial arts.

None of it is listed or really detailed here to build my credibility with you or make me out to be some kind of superstar that knows how to do a bunch of stuff. I learned all of that because I was genuinely interested in it at the time and I had the ability means to participate. I also like to learn things well enough to teach them to others so they can get better.

Besides being a student and guide of the Master Key System. I have a speaking and leadership consulting practice where I help executives make their vision and reality, create strong leaders, and enjoy more freedom. You can find more information at AndreiJablokow.com

I am married to the Kathryn the Great who makes me better every day. Together we have two amazing sons, Stefan and Peter. We love to learn, strength train, play outside, play music, and eat together.

I want you to know that I am a learner and a teacher. Many people have told me that I am a rock that they can lean on. My strength and ability lies in  enabling people think for themselves and helping them take the next step that is valuable for them. I teach some fun programs and classes but, mostly I help people grow, one person at a time.

I am interested in having a meaningful conversation that moves people and ideas forward. Together we can find a way for you to create what you want and has meaning for your life.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Best wishes,




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