MKMMA-15-Week 4 – Designing Habits

Build Good Habits

Build Good Habits

Once you decide exactly what you want your life to be you can design your habits so that your vision becomes a reality for you. It won’t happen immediately but over time you will think and act yourself into a new reality.

And that is exactly where I am. I have reworked my DMP and released a lot of energy around the things I am not going to attend to right now and focus my thinking and daily actions only on those things that systematically move me toward my goals.

It’s funny how I make things complicated. Do you do the same thing? In everything I am doing I am finally realizing that there is only ONE thing that makes all the difference and if I focus on that one thing then everything starts to move forward and it’s possible to great momentum in the direction of my dreams.

After a lot of study and trials I now know the one thing that will make a difference in my health: Eliminating all the refined sugar in my diet. I could be wrong but, that is my focus for the next 3 months.

For my business, I have been resisting doing what I know how to do and needs to be done: Pick up the phone and call people to speak in front of groups and consistently write every day.

I will get better and things will happen because I build the good habits that make a positive difference.

What new positive habits are your putting in place?

MKMMA – Week 24 – Seeking the Truth

Sextant collection 02We come to the end of the formal MKMMA class this week. Six months of focused study on Haanel’s Master Keys, Mandino’s Greatest Salesman, Emerson, Campbell, Fox and a ton of value brought to the table by Mark J, Davine, Trish, all the guides, and everybody in the class.

We are all truly blessed to have shared this experience and the non-influence teaching. The best part is that it is only a new beginning for each of us on a journey seeking our own truth. We move on and upward knowing how to be self-directed thinkers. I am grateful for this experience. It has made a huge difference for me.

If you haven’t noticed yet, there are very few precious classes and mentors that enable you as a self-directed thinker. If you find them, take advantage. The MKMMA class is one of them and I recommend this class highly. If you feel so inclined, drop me a note or choose to stay in touch so that you can be on the early list the next time the class is offered. It always fills up.

This week the focus was on being a non-judgemental observer offering no opinions and having no complaints while continuing to master our emotions. Just continue to do the service work with a happy knack, being kind, being grateful. I added being gentle.

As Haanel says: “When you come to know the truth that every form of disease, sickness, lack and limitation are simply the result of wrong thinking, you will have come to know “the Truth which shall make you free.” … The method for removing this error is to go into Silence and know the Truth; as all mind is one mind, you can do this for yourself and anyone else. … You have nothing to do but to convince yourself of the truth which you desire to see manifested.”

So there you have it. All you have to do is go inside your own mind, get to know and love the perfect person who you are convince yourself of the absolute truth that is only found in the world within. Truth is the product of a developed consciousness.

Quoting Haanel: “Your life and your actions and your influence in the world will depend upon the degree of truth which you are enabled to perceive, for truth will not manifest in creeds, but in conduct.”

We are not alone. We are all connected through the Universal Mind which is omnipresent. It’s everywhere and you influence it with your thought. This Universal Mind is spiritual. We are spirits having a human experience and so, spirit is all there is of us. The only power the spirit possesses is the power to think.

With this knowledge of spirit and how to think about the truth that we choose to create, the things that are false or we don’t want must fall away.

So,  you say: “How do you actually make what you want to become a reality? Sitting here and thinking about it all day is great but, nothing is happening. I think I feel better about myself but, my life hasn’t changed much. This is all fluffy to me.”

I will let you in on a little secret if you promise not to tell anyone, ok?

Here it is. You actually have to do the work necessary to make the changes that you seek. You have to pick up the phone, the hammer, the pen, the knife, the paintbrush, or whatever it takes and do it every day long enough to learn the skill, observe what’s going on, build your confidence, and move forward. You have to do it every day whether you feel like it or not. It’s not about the result, it’s about the journey. Keep going!

Get your mind straight with the MKMMA course and then go and do enough of the necessary behavior and you will change the direction of your life in a short time. I promise you will amaze yourself.

Love and peace on the journey!



MKMMA – Week 23 – Intensely Practical

abstract mystical birdWe are nearing the end of the MKMMA course but, really the beginning of what this course has enabled my colleagues to create, each in our own way and at our own place on a ramp of greatness. I have seen some amazing transformations and actions taken by people who have stayed the course and dug into the material and stayed true to the exercises. We didn’t know what was coming next most of the time but Mark J, Davine, and Trish put a compounding effect into the course and then what seems from out of nowhere, you have the confidence and skill to move forward. If you haven’t check out the MKMMA course, I highly recommend that you do. Drop me a line and I can put you on the early notice list.

Haanel makes a case this week in the reading, that “Spirituality” is in fact intensely “practical.” In fact, it is the only plastic, mold-able, creative, practical thing there is! Everything else and every desire is constantly in motion. The only permanent satisfaction is spiritual.

It is clear, again, that the law of success is service. We get exactly what we give and our greatest success will come as we are enabled to assist others. In the end what benefits one must benefit all. Emerson’s law of compensation explained in different words. There is no escaping it.

We have worked hard on kindness and gratitude. My task has been to find gratitude in all circumstances, including negative life situations. We also try to understand the cost. If you get stuck in the suffering, you never really experience the joy. The joy comes by living through the situation with an interest in the pursuit rather than the goal. It’s possible to turn this whole thing around. If I put all things in the hands of God, the Universal Mind, then I will see God’s hands in all things. An what a practical vocation it becomes to see God’s hands in all that I do and say. In that very practical way, I can assist others by being a healing presence to them and assist them as I can right where I am.

I have let go of so much so that I would have room for what I need to move forward. My projects of true health and cleaning up the clutter in my space and my mind are moving forward and are right where they are supposed to be. My habits continue to improve and I don’t get off track much anymore. My mastermind alliances are keeping my real and accountable and for that I am grateful.

I have mentally come to a place where I can freely give away I know so that I can assist others. It doesn’t matter how much time, money, or effort I put into learning if for myself. It was all worth it. However, it doesn’t do any good if the knowledge stays with me until I am no more.

Bring on Week 24!

MKMMA – Week 22a – Let’s Get Started

gold sunbeams over flowering heatherThis week’s exercise was to listen to an audio of Wallace Wattles’ book: The Science of Getting Rich. It offers another perspective, actually a very similar one, to Haanel. The primary theme is that those people who are successful do things in a ‘certain way.’ That there is a science to getting rich and we have read it in more than one place now. Reminder, that being rich is a metaphor – it’s not about the money.

That ‘certain way’ is: Have the DESIRE for exactly what you want, focus on the TRUTH regardless of appearances, have an unwavering FAITH that it is already yours, unshakeable PURPOSE to attain it, BELIEF that there is intelligent substance that can give you everything you desire, and have an attitude of GRATITUDE for all things.  Finally one must take the ACTION necessary in an efficient manner to create what it is that you desire.

Sometimes you need to hear something seven times, seven different ways from seven different people for an idea to sink in. This course has done exactly that and it works. Although, I wasn’t really counting. The point has begun to sink in.
Now I look at what is on my DMP and create ways to form habits that will get my to my desired outcome. I have spent 23 weeks focusing on these concepts and implementing. I now have a burning desire to take action. Enough theory.
The first, and most important thing on my DMP and one of my PPN’s has been my heath. I have become almost obsessed with the idea and I now know what to do. Since I started taking serious action and holding myself accountable I have been able to release 10 pounds in one week. I am not worried about the rate, just keeping the right habits.
In the next two weeks, I can put a major dent in cleaning up my space and eliminating a look of things and move them out. I have also started re-engaging with people and my network and will build the habit necessary to see enough people in a week to generate the business that I am focusing on.
Yes, the old blueprint comes up all around me. My desire and faith is strong enough now that I recognize and observe the old blueprint for what it is and it doesn’t have any effect on me. In my last blog post I talked about renouncement and detachment. If those are coupled with exile, meaning that I have to go on this journey alone, so be it. It works and I am moving forward.
I am in action mode and I can feel the momentum building. Do the thing and you will have the power. Well, I am through with talking. I am doing the thing.
Bring on Week 23.


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