The Master Key is based upon an absolute scientific truth and will unfold the possibilities that lie dormant in the individual, and teach how they may be brought into powerful action, to increase the person’s effective capacity, bringing added energy, discernment, vigor and mental elasticity. The person who gains understanding of the mental laws unfolded will come into the possession of an ability to secure results in the area that they want. The first step is creating absolute clarity on what a person wants. Watch the video on the right to get a better idea of this concept.


Authenticity simply needs to be embraced once the ‘cement’ of society’s teaching that makes you feel ‘less than’ has been chipped off. The video clip on the left from the movie ‘Finding Joe’ explains the concept. It’s the journey of a lifetime.


MKMMA-15-Week 4 – Designing Habits

Once you decide exactly what you want your life to be you can design your habits so that your vision becomes a reality for you. It won’t happen immediately but over time you will think and act yourself into a new reality. And that is exactly where I am. I have... read more

MKMMA – Week 24 – Seeking the Truth

We come to the end of the formal MKMMA class this week. Six months of focused study on Haanel’s Master Keys, Mandino’s Greatest Salesman, Emerson, Campbell, Fox and a ton of value brought to the table by Mark J, Davine, Trish, all the guides, and everybody... read more

MKMMA – Week 23 – Intensely Practical

We are nearing the end of the MKMMA course but, really the beginning of what this course has enabled my colleagues to create, each in our own way and at our own place on a ramp of greatness. I have seen some amazing transformations and actions taken by people who have... read more



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