Build Good Habits

Build Good Habits

Once you decide exactly what you want your life to be you can design your habits so that your vision becomes a reality for you. It won’t happen immediately but over time you will think and act yourself into a new reality.

And that is exactly where I am. I have reworked my DMP and released a lot of energy around the things I am not going to attend to right now and focus my thinking and daily actions only on those things that systematically move me toward my goals.

It’s funny how I make things complicated. Do you do the same thing? In everything I am doing I am finally realizing that there is only ONE thing that makes all the difference and if I focus on that one thing then everything starts to move forward and it’s possible to great momentum in the direction of my dreams.

After a lot of study and trials I now know the one thing that will make a difference in my health: Eliminating all the refined sugar in my diet. I could be wrong but, that is my focus for the next 3 months.

For my business, I have been resisting doing what I know how to do and needs to be done: Pick up the phone and call people to speak in front of groups and consistently write every day.

I will get better and things will happen because I build the good habits that make a positive difference.

What new positive habits are your putting in place?