cross light in the darkness in your handsWith each passing week in the MKMMA course, I find myself more peaceful, grateful, and joyful with things just as things are and seeing miracles everywhere. I am grateful for Mark J, the Fab Davine, Trish, and all the guides for their guidance in helping me find the power to take action.

At the same time, I am called to help others feel the joy and love in their own lives. I find that when I engage with people, I am able to take one of their negative remarks and gently give them a gift of another perspective and they feel better about themselves. I love giving this gift because I always get a smile back and their face lights up. Am I serving others or providing value? I don’t know but, people sure feel better that when we met. It’s a blast sharing this light with others.

It all came about from putting my focus and energy on why and in what areas I wanted to improve myself over these past weeks – my pivotal personal needs. I learned that improving myself and my condition could only happen through improving my thinking and connecting with the power of the Universal Mind in a silent sit. I waste less and less time on the things that don’t really matter or don’t lead me in the direction of my DMP. I don’t engage in idle or negative talk about the past. My days are productive and I sleep well at night. I look for the miracle in everything and encourage others to do the same.

There is sufficient power in the Universal Mind to meet every situation which may arise.  I choose to use my power to create value and bring out the best in other people so they can do the things they want to do and share their true selves with the world.

There is no need to focus or spend any energy on the negative feelings of anger, guilt, fear, hurt feelings, or unworthiness. I take that focused energy and share myself with other people that want to hear the message – the one in their heart that is calling them. I choose joy and hope and share it with others.

Here’s my new question: How big can I think about how I can share myself in this light with others?

I know there will be battles along the way and doing the thing I love can tear me apart. The old blueprint is all around and will continue to tempt me, taunt me, and mock me. It doesn’t matter because I can always reset and recharge by connecting with the power of the Universal through the silence of the sit.

We all have a choice to go forward to go back. We can’t stand still in a world that is constantly changing.  I give the world and the Universal Mind no choice but to favor me because I will work tirelessly to share myself with anyone who will listen. Nothing can stand in the way of my perfect success as I continue to learn and apply the proven correct thought methods and principles.

Bring on Week 22.