gold sunbeams over flowering heatherThis week’s exercise was to listen to an audio of Wallace Wattles’ book: The Science of Getting Rich. It offers another perspective, actually a very similar one, to Haanel. The primary theme is that those people who are successful do things in a ‘certain way.’ That there is a science to getting rich and we have read it in more than one place now. Reminder, that being rich is a metaphor – it’s not about the money.

That ‘certain way’ is: Have the DESIRE for exactly what you want, focus on the TRUTH regardless of appearances, have an unwavering FAITH that it is already yours, unshakeable PURPOSE to attain it, BELIEF that there is intelligent substance that can give you everything you desire, and have an attitude of GRATITUDE for all things.  Finally one must take the ACTION necessary in an efficient manner to create what it is that you desire.

Sometimes you need to hear something seven times, seven different ways from seven different people for an idea to sink in. This course has done exactly that and it works. Although, I wasn’t really counting. The point has begun to sink in.
Now I look at what is on my DMP and create ways to form habits that will get my to my desired outcome. I have spent 23 weeks focusing on these concepts and implementing. I now have a burning desire to take action. Enough theory.
The first, and most important thing on my DMP and one of my PPN’s has been my heath. I have become almost obsessed with the idea and I now know what to do. Since I started taking serious action and holding myself accountable I have been able to release 10 pounds in one week. I am not worried about the rate, just keeping the right habits.
In the next two weeks, I can put a major dent in cleaning up my space and eliminating a look of things and move them out. I have also started re-engaging with people and my network and will build the habit necessary to see enough people in a week to generate the business that I am focusing on.
Yes, the old blueprint comes up all around me. My desire and faith is strong enough now that I recognize and observe the old blueprint for what it is and it doesn’t have any effect on me. In my last blog post I talked about renouncement and detachment. If those are coupled with exile, meaning that I have to go on this journey alone, so be it. It works and I am moving forward.
I am in action mode and I can feel the momentum building. Do the thing and you will have the power. Well, I am through with talking. I am doing the thing.
Bring on Week 23.