MKMMA – Week 20 – Regardless of Dragons

dragon holding pearlThe dragon is holding the pearl – the very thing you want. You keep trying and somehow you still can’t get IT!

How can you get the thing you truly want? To achieve your definite major purpose and satisfy your pivotal personal needs.

Every week the MKMMA course challenges the participants in new and wonderful ways. I am in awe at how Mark J, The Fab Davine, and Trish put this course together and deliver it without influencing what we think. Oh yeah, I’m influenced alright – to go and find my own bliss, be my authentic self, be more alive, and chase down my dreams, regardless. I am humbled, impressed, and thrilled about being a part of this course, which is really a movement.

I sat with three questions this week:

  1. What am I pretending not to know?
  2. What would the person I intend to become do next?
  3. What’s the one thing that I can’t not do?

Every day I read, I sit, I flip cards, there is stuff all over, I write, I take action, I serve, I love, I concentrate, I get stuff done, I Mastermind, I focus on virtues, I ask better questions, I eliminate the things that no longer serve my soul, I don’t waste time, and I think, and think, and think. Slowly the answers come. I am so grateful that they are my answers and not somebody feeding me their path for me. I have become a self-directed thinker and take my own path into the forest. I still have a long way to go but, now I know how to get whatever I want in my life because I know how to change my habits and how I think. While I love coaching the reality is you need an coach, you need a Mastermind with the right people. You can be your own coach. You can plan fearlessly and execute masterfully.

We learned about the great essay by Isiah Berlin called the Hedgehog and the Fox. Yup, I have been a fox and now I am a hedgehog. I focus on ONE Thing at the exclusion of everything else. In the reading from Haanel we learned about how we are all a part of and connect through the Universal Spirit and that our thoughts are the only thing that puts the Universal in motion. The spirit is in you, use it!

We also thought and masterminded about how to use fear, anger, guilt, unworthiness, hurt feelings as tools to help us on our journey instead of as walls that stop us. That’s the edge and leaning into those feelings expands the edge. This is no time to play small in your life because in doing so you don’t serve the world. The time is short and we only have so many Septembers left to enjoy. It’s time to play a bigger game and face whatever internal dragons are holding you back. You created these dragons in your mind. By embracing those feelings the secret, the thing you are looking for, and the power that comes along with it, is revealed to you.

What you think is what you get!

You have a choice – You can sit and do nothing or you can go and become what you were intended to become, do what you have to do, and get whatever it is you want, regardless of the dragons.

I’m excited about Week 21! Bring it on.


MKMMA – Week 19 – Seeking Truth

Answers on Pocket Watch Face. Time Concept.This week I continue to let go of things that no longer serve me and that don’t nourish my soul and I continue to grow. Slowly, I let go of things in my life and what a great feeling it is. Through that MKMMA course we continue to raise the bar on our thinking, on focus, on habits, on being, on action. The current 13 week transformation has my focusing on trait each week. I am not letting any time get wasted and I am really digging into my work at home at in my profession. I feel relaxed and have a calm state of mind as I practice and move in the direction of my DMP and what is true for me.

Haanel writes that “if your thought is powerful, constructive, and positive, this will be plenty evident in the state of your health, your business, and your environment. ”

Many people are noticing that I have a positive power about me all the time. They either laugh, get angry, don’t believe it, or have something positive to say. It used to bother me what other people thought or said but, now I am able to stand my ground, not offer my opinion, and continue to learn and grow. The old blueprint continues to fight back but, now I am a better observer and pick up on all the inconsistencies that surround us and are inside us as well.  I am learning not to impose my new found perspective or what I have learned to other before they are ready.  I have to respect that each person must find their own way and I can only guide those that want to be helped. This is not so easy. At the same time, I have more confidence is calling out the nonsense and inconsistencies as it comes up. My BS meter is getting more sensitive and it’s great.

I am grateful to all the people around me that have challenged me in what I was selling, promoting, teaching, marketing, etc., for so long. I would get defensive or push harder only to realize that their remarks, objections, and resistance were spot on when I was full of BS. I thought I was right and I could not see that I was off the mark in many ways because I accepted what society, marketing, and those that influence us. It was all a bunch of horse hockey. I don’t have to be right, I just have to find my way, serve others, and continue to grow. The journey is one of seeking the truth.

I continue to sit and think about what it is that I am really going to do and what can I create. The time is now short I an need to get busy about it. In the final analysis, I am a teacher. That’s what I do. Now, I have to put together what and how I am going to teach so that it is in harmony with my DMP and PPNs.

I am particularly happy with how this course has impacted my family and relationships. It’s really a lot of fun as I watch everybody seek their own truth in their own way.

As I return and integrate back into society I realize that I am starting a new journey again.

What a fantastic ride this is. I’m ready for Week 20.



MKMMA – Week 18 – The Growth of Believing

good morning WorldThis week’s reading in Haanel, to me, was all about the law of growth. Growth of what? I know you’ve read it an heard it before: “What you think about grows.” So what are you thinking about?

The MKMMA course is so cool and I am so grateful to be a part of it. It’s starting to hit me again and again. Only the bricks hitting me over the head are getting bigger and bigger.

We are all connected through the Universal or God, or whatever you want to call it. And we are all very similar as humans. What makes the difference is how we express and control our own intelligence and how we makes sense of the world. The cool part is that letting go of what society, media, government, marketing, and all the influences in our lives is a necessary component to recognize the existing order in the universe. Once you adjust your thinking, focus, and action in line with the the Natural Laws, things start to move in amazing ways.

The connection with the Law of Compensation is also clear: The more you give and work with your heart in what you do, the more you will receive.

The difficult part for me is that the power will come from consciousness and attention on one thing. To this end, I continue to let go of the things that no longer serve me. Focus and attention are key. I am slowly finding what it is that I am going to finally do. More later.

For now: Believe in yourself or nobody else will.

Reading Scroll V this month in Mandino hit me pretty hard as well: I will live this day as if it is my last. And if it’s not, I will fall down on my knees and give thanks.

Reading the obituaries each day and asking what these people would have exchanged for one more day intensifies the scroll. As does flipping though the cards that hold our successes, things we are grateful for, and questions at the top of our minds.

This really woke me up. I’ve been teaching Newton’s Law for 25 years: A body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest, unless it is acted upon by some other force.

The force is what you think about and the actions that you take every day. There is no time to sit around and contemplate whether things are perfect or not so that I can move forward. I have to do it now. The time is short. I’ve been sitting out and it’s time to take action and return to society.

I believe in myself!

This week I actually started to move, and it feels good.



MKMMA – Week 17a – The Rhythm Section is Back

Musical notesThis week’s lesson was on the Hero’s Journey. My formal education was in science and engineering.  We never learned about Joseph Campbell, or if we did I wasn’t paying attention. I’m sure I was too busy playing drums and finding the groove. I’m sure glad I learned about The Hero’s Journey now in the MKMMA course. I can now use this to improve my philosophy and easily move forward while at the same time giving meaning to my life.

The question I sat with this week was: What am I pretending not to know?

I don’t know about you but, I got caught up in getting more information over the past several years. Is that what the information age was all about? <smile> Well, I have had enough of it. The information is now counter productive. I can’t consume it and I don’t have time to apply it. I don’t need another self-help book or a training on technique. I can’t stand to watch another video, take another online class, or join another Facebook group!  Getting more information is not going to help. The only thing I need to do is move, connect emotionally, and create rhythm. The rhythm section is back – it has groove and tone and is full of emotion!

The late great Hubert Sumlin provides an example:

I also dug into Emerson’s essay on Compensation this week. I was caught my the mathematical equation that must balance. (Go figure, I’m still an engineer.) You get back exactly what you give. God’s dice are always loaded. If I gain any good, I must pay for it; if I lose any good, I will gain some other; all actions are indifferent.

The deeper find was that the soul is not a compensation but, a life. There is no penalty to virtue; no penalty to wisdom; they are the proper additions of being. The soul refuses limits, and always affirms an Optimism, never a Pessimism. It is worse not to be than to be. There it is: Not worry about acquisition (having and gaining) but instead on being.

The question required an answer in class this week was: How can each of us become “The Greatest Salesman In the World?”

My answer was: Learn who we are and align ourselves with Natures Laws for guidance and then give ourselves away in honest and intimate connection with other people.

Let’s go on a journey. No guarantees, no idea where we end up, no idea what the result will be, we focus solely on the causes we create with our minds. And, we move, take action, connect with people and help them find their own way. It will all be about the rhythm of the conversation and the emotions of the interaction. It’s no different than playing music with another human being.

You can be a bedroom musician and play along with your laptop all you want but, you won’t really feel the music until you play with another human being. It’s doesn’t even matter how good or bad you are. You have to get into the interaction and the emotion. Otherwise you’re just playing notes. It’s a lot like learning a lot of information, scripts, and techniques for your business.

As Emerson says: Do the thing, and you shall have the power; but they who do not the thing have not the power.

Muddy Waters: I’m Ready

Are you ready? Let’s groove.


MKMMA – Week 17 – Permission to Practice

permissionThis week was particularly interesting for me as I sat with only two questions:

  1. What do I really want?
  2. What do I still think that I need to know to move forward?

The answers came to me through the sit and the reading in Section 17 of Haanel explained it perfectly. Coupled with flipping cards, reading out loud, Scroll IV in Mandino, the seven laws of the mind, and The Guy In the Glass, and my Mastermind Alliances it just popped. The crazy part is that I knew it all along, it was in plain sight, but I was blind. The red pencil syndrome of society, and all the marketing somehow had me blocked. I needed everything to be perfect before I started. I was still looking for that quantum leap in many areas of my life (health, wealth, and time) and yet everything I have been teaching in engineering and to my kids, playing music, strength training, and cooking has simply been practice and progressive increases. Thanks to the transformation in this Master Key Mastermind Alliance class, I give myself permission to accept and use my power, develop even more power within, use that power to be the change, and find joy in overcoming through practice.

Spirit first, then technique

When I started my business and when I joined this course there were things that I wanted to add to my life – the gold at the end of the rainbow. I have been conditioned to look for the effect or result. All school, work, and sales related stuff is about the result. I wanted all the trappings and luxuries in life as symbols that I had arrived. Internally, I have rejected this for as long as I can remember and I could not put my finger on it. I thought that techniques, skills, processes, the right messaging, best products, and marketing would hold the answer and it never did. That was all technique and it’s fantastic to learn and use but, they don’t work if your spirit isn’t right.

Now I understand that continuous concentration on one thing over time, with practice of thought and action, will ultimately lead to the result that I am looking for. My job is to focus solely on the cause and release the outcome. In other words, I have given myself permission to concentrate on ‘being’ rather than on having. Like anything else, the ease and perfection will come through repetition and practice and that in turn builds confidence, courage, and abundance.

In this course we have been practicing to keep our promises. I finally understand a piece of harmony: It’s when what you think, say and do are the same thing. It takes practice. All the stress and frustration goes away.

When spirit is in harmony with Natures Law the following statement becomes a magnet for people and success: “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”

It’s just practice.

Let’s rock week 18!


MKMMA – Week 16 – Who’s Driving?

Rise of Self-Driving Autonomous Cars Speedometer WordsYou say you’re a ‘driven’ person? Yup, me too. The question is: Who’s driving?

This week’s reading from Haanel was about the Law of Growth and how there seems to be a Law of Sevens in our experience of the world. It was interesting to reflect on each period of 7 years in my life during my sit, what my thinking was, who was influencing me, and what the effect was. What was my state of mind, what was going on, what was growing, and was there harmony or discord in my life. It became very clear how the Law of Growth played out and how perfectly my thoughts and habits are the cause for my circumstances, conditions, environment today with mathematical accuracy.

“If our though is constructive and harmonious we manifest good; if it is destructive and discordant we manifest evil.” – Haanel

Good and evil are just words to indicate results. In other words, we each control the direction of our lives through our thoughts. The only true cause is thought.

Back to the question of who’s driving. I realize now that I have been influenced by so many well meaning people in my life and some who just wanted the money. It’s ok because I let it happen. I am responsible. I was driven by what society and others thought was the right path and definition of success. I took it on as my own only to realize that I was chasing something outside of me. I was playing a part in my professional roles and was never really finding myself in any of it. I wasn’t driving and I wasn’t being me. There was a ton of fear in play and so being a copycat felt safe but, it didn’t work because I didn’t take the actions. I saw in advance where the actions would lead and I knew that didn’t want that result. So, I ate more and was really tight and intense.

In a previous post I shared that I am a control freak, but I have been out of control. Through the MKMMA course, I have much less fear and am willing to take control of myself. Fortunately, we learned early in the course on how to change our habits and how to control our bodies and our minds.

In Mandino we are reading about our uniqueness. I am finding that about myself and now learning bring it out. There is some way to go as it has been covered up for quite some time.

I realize now that I have been pretending that I didn’t know. Pretending that I didn’t know what to do, how to do it, or who I needed to be to attract what I wanted in my life. I felt like I was less than and I needed more from outside – more information, scripts, techniques, courses, food, supplements, lotions, exercise programs, marketing methods, videos, certifications, testimonials, references, letters after my name, associations with ‘important’ people, media exposure, houses, cars, clothes, computers, phones, more time for work chasing something that wasn’t filling me up.

This course has shown me how to live in love, gratitude and kindness. I can’t how explain how warm that feels inside for me. The happiness and harmony that is manifesting in my life is coming exclusively from my state of mind and not from the possession of things or titles. The truth can really set you free. I am so grateful for Mark and Davine and the MKMMA staff and course.

Now that I know that I can create the world that I want through my thoughts (idealization, visualization, and materialization), I know the actions and traction points that must be measured. I feel like I have found myself and have the strength to stand up for it. The question is: What do I want?

I know the answer for me. Do you know it for yourself? Are you driving in that direction?

The transformation in my mind is sufficient for me to return from the journey. Game on!



MKMMA – Week 15 – Insight and Transformation

This weeks sit was focused on insight. The word gives it away that the wisdom comes from within. I asked for an answer and it finally came. It didn’t matter how many times somebody else told me, I had to come to the answer myself and the answers keep coming. Every day from seemingly out of nowhere the answers kept flashing in front of me. The clues kept coming up again and again from every direction. I am so grateful that I had learned the skill of being an observer and paying attention so that I knew how to live where the opportunity is.

I had been struggling with some big rocks and now I see it more clearly. I see myself as a teacher and like to learn all the time. The issue is that somehow I bought into the idea that I wasn’t enough and that somehow I needed more information and had to understand more before I could take action. I was learning a lot but, knowledge doesn’t apply itself. This was compounded with the fact that every time I would start to take action I would be met with negative remarks, criticism, put downs, rejection, and comments that I needed more information, credentials, and follow some other guru so that I would be enough. I was never enough, my ideas were all wrong, and if I would just buy into societies idea and buy more stuff then I would be whole and I would have a quantum leap transformation.

I struggled with what I am marketing, who is my target audience, what problems can I solve for people, what is my expertise, what is my credibility in that area, where is the proof? The answer was in plain sight and I didn’t see it. I see it clearly now, the rain is gone. (The crazy part is that this is the first record I ever got. It was a 45 rpm and my father bought it for me. When I heard again it in the movie Cool Runnings I lost it.)

The reading from Haanel this week was about the natural laws, insight and about the power of words. How the greatest eternal forces act in silence. Words are thoughts and we must be careful with what we say to ourselves and others. Less is more.

This months scroll from Mandino reinforces that we are each nature’s greatest miracle. We are all brothers and sisters and unique at the same time. We can each make miracles come true by letting our light shine a bit brighter and share it with the world.

All the difficulties, inharmonies, and obstacles I have been facing (i.e. creating for myself) have been indicating what I have been either refusing to let go of and/or accept as required. So, that’s the transformation and there is no quantum leap. It’s just practice and making small decisions one step at a time learning and applying as we go. I’ll take small steps of progress anywhere I can in the direction of my major purpose. It’s the greatest journey and I’m so grateful to be on it.

I feel like I have returned, transformed in many way. I feel different now. I leave myself open to what might be and greet this day with love in my heart, applying the seven laws of the mind, and gratitude for the chance to make a difference by modeling. It becomes effortless mastery. Just as it should be.

Let’s get started. Peace be the journey.

Week 14 – Moving On

The Train Has Left The Station

The Train Has Left The Station

As I go deeper in the the MKMMA course I get more and more resistance from the old blueprint. This was very apparent during the holidays. While there was lots of love and magical experiences with family and friends I was able to observe the almost overwhelming forces pushing me back. Here’s the thing, I’m not going back. I am committed to a different outcome.

Rather than focus on the discomfort of the unsatisfactory conditions, I am putting more energy into the outcome that I desire. By connecting with the natural laws and applying the principles of connecting with the Universal through the sit, I focus my mind on creating harmony with the person that is my new self. It is inescapable that what I focus my mind on with manifest itself. The only difference is a matter of degree and the time it takes for the world to catch up.

Holding the faith and staying in the vibration of the expectation and taking action in the direction must produce results even if there is no evidence yet to support it. It doesn’t matter the cost or the time it takes. What is written on my DMP will come true.

We are at the half-way mark of the course and at the start of a new year. With love in my heart, the right habits, a written plan of action, a supportive Mastermind alliance with a group and several individuals, knowledge of how to persist, and a deep recognition of my uniqueness I am ready to make changes with no fear of the outcome. It’s time, right now.

In the last post I got my marbles back. Know we are going to learn how to use them. Let’s make something happen.

Bring on the second half of the course.

Week 13 – I Got My Marbles Back

red jar un an striped backgroundI didn’t realize that I had lost most of my marbles. Yeah, I thought I was doing ok and from the outside it may have looked that way. The reality was a different picture. I was out of control and felt controlled by things external to me. I spent all my time doing things that didn’t satisfy my soul. I didn’t feel I was making progress and I wasn’t doing the things that I knew I had to do.

Between family responsibilities, losing and changing jobs, changing careers, starting my own business(es), learning about marketing, getting distracted by social media, watching the news, listening to other peoples’ ideas for me, and chasing external goals that didn’t match me, I lost focus. I also developed some bad habits along the line. I own all of it and it they were all my choices. I created the whole thing.

The thing pictured in my mind of what I wanted didn’t match my situation. By thinking deeply I have learned the source of the condition and experience on a physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual level. I know understand that what I needed was control of myself.

What I’ve learned in the MKMMA journey is that if I’m not happy, in harmony with the natural laws of the Universe and living with integrity then nothing seems to work or feel quite right. When I am happy I can have everything the world can give and I can make others happy as well. The jackpot is that happiness is an inside job and you can choose it through love alone.

We are only half-way through this course, and I have already learned how to:

  • Change my habits to the ones that align with my definite major purpose.
  • Keep track of my activity in each area and feel good about getting things done.
  • Persist in the direction of my dreams regardless of what happens or how long it takes.
  • Have an authentic MasterMind with others.

I have become detached, in a good way, from the outcome and from the opinion of others. I can love myself and others as they are, not try to change them, impose my ideas on them, or judge them. I am not afraid anymore. I feel liberated. I can stand my ground without fear and do what needs to be done to align my situation with my vision. I know the traction points in the key areas that I am moving forward with. I am doing what satisfies my soul.

I am in control of myself; I got my marbles back!

Let’s turn up the intensity and degree. This train is leaving the station.

Love always!


Week 12 – Hey, That’s Not Easy

本Have you ever gotten that response from someone (yourself)? I get it all the time. You share a new idea, opportunity, or a chance to improve and the response is: “Hey, that’s not easy. Do you know how much work that would take?”

Any change you make for the better will require a lot of work. It’s gonna take everything you got, and then some. Any other message just isn’t the truth. What I realized this week is that I know what I have to do and I know how to do it. And, so do you.

I am grateful for the MKMMA experience and the leadership that enables this course. I’ve taken a lot of personal and professional development courses. This one is actually making a difference in my life. It’s so cool!

I know I am changing because I am meeting with a lot of resistance, from myself and others. Now, I can be the observer and not take it in; my conscious mind is the guardian at the gate. It was hard to stay on task this week between the busy schedule and my old blueprint showing up stronger every day. I never realized how strong the old thinking and acting patterns are. It got kind-of dark this week when I had to face the reality that I have spent a long time dealing with indecision and indiscipline. Why do I keep doing the things I don’t want to do and not the things I know I need to do? By the way, willpower didn’t work – the old patterns and hormones are way too strong.

I am glad that I am able to face it and work through it with what we learned. I know how to change my thoughts and habits. I persist until I succeed.

I am coming clear with the idea that I don’t have to look outside, to somebody else, some guru, expert, or marketer for the answers. They don’t have the answers but, they are happy to take your money. The answer is within and is accessible through thought and connecting to power by sitting still.  There we each find the unchangeable principles and learn to adjust ourselves to the natural laws. Finally, when love is the force behind your creative thought there will be nothing to stop the manifestation of your true desire.

Knowledge does not apply itself. The manifestation will only occur through taking consistent action in the direction of your purpose. Once that begins, there won’t be any time or attention to distraction. Intention governs attention.

Haanel describes the three step process that is absolutely essential. “You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.”

For the first half of the MMKMMA experience I have build the knowledge of my power, I also have the courage to dare, and now the faith to do. I have become very close friends with my future self now. Let me know if you would like to meet him.

Four simple moves and the rest is just practice and discipline. You know the four moves, don’t you?

Rock and roll!




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