Andrei Jablokow is Interviewed by Chris Wallace

CW: I understand that you have a fairly remarkable success story to tell. As we sit here in December of 2018 you have been able to create a steady income of over $360,000 a year in just a short period of time and do some interesting things with your life. Is it true that you started out as a College Professor of Engineering?

AJ: It’s true Chris. I went to engineering school for a long time and by then the primary job for someone with that training was either work in a research lab or teaching. I liked being around people and teaching so, that’s the route that I took.

CW: Sounds like a great career. Many people would love the lifestyle of a college professor. Why didn’t you continue that path?

AJ: When I went to work at University it was pretty cool. Here I was teaching the next generation of engineers and the world will always need more engineers. It’s a great field of study and a great profession. It was fantastic to see the lights go on in other people’s heads. I fell in love with that feeling.

There was way more going on besides teaching and I really didn’t fit into the track that I was on to be a tenured academic.

I soon realized that I really wanted something more out of life than just working every day and saving for old age. I started looking around and had tried several jobs and ventures but, nothing really felt right or worked very well for me in the long term.

CW: What kinds of things did you try?

AJ: I tried several great professions and jobs.  I had some success with each of these but, something was still missing and it was hard to maintain a business and the life I wanted with my family. I still felt like a hamster in a wheel. I went back to just teaching engineering about 13 years ago.

CW: Why not just continue?

AJ: I consider myself lucky that I’ve had the privilege, pleasure and honor of working with some great mentors and they all encouraged me to think bigger about who I was and what I offered the world. I was taught that if I could make what I loved to do my vocation, I would never work another day in my life. I was encouraged to play a bigger game. I understood what my mentors were saying on an intellectual level and yet, I really didn’t know how to do it. I also wanted to integrate everything that I learned so that I could put it to good use helping others.

CW: What happened in 2014 that started the shift?

AJ: I’ve been a student of success and personal development for over 30 years. It all sounded great and made me feel good but really made no lasting changes other than I could repeat all the motivational quotes. In 2014 I applied to take a course called The Master Key Mastermind Alliance and really started to dig into the course. In a short time I started to change, and the world around me started to change.

CW: There are tons of self-help books, seminars, courses, programs, mentors and coaches. What is so different about the MKMMA course?

AJ: The single biggest difference is that nobody tells you what to think. You ultimately figure it out for yourself through the exercises. Because you did the thinking, made a promise to yourself, and took action on what you thought, you have a completely different level of confidence. It’s really powerful.

CW: What changed, specifically, for you?

AJ: I was finally able to disconnect from distraction and self-sabotage. Shortly thereafter things just started to come my way almost effortlessly. All my relationships got better and the world seemed to be more open to me and my business started to grow. Yeah, I had to go after every day it but somehow it all felt so easy because the hard work was already done. It didn’t feel like work anymore.

CW: How did you find out about this course?

AJ: Well, I had started a home based business in the area of direct sales, or what is commonly known as network marketing, back in 2012. I was studying everything I could find about how to build a successful business with that model. I think I own every course that is available on network marketing. I was really going nowhere because I didn’t have the specific skills I needed to not only build a networking business but to also teach others how to do it. I really wanted to own the skills. It was also essential to me that I kept my integrity intact.

A friend of mine recommended I look into what Mark J was teaching in Go90Grow and I found the two course combined to have the essence of I needed to start taking action. It was only a couple of years later that I was able to build up to a $30,000 per month income that has a asset of a large team that knows what they are doing behind it.

CW: You seem like someone who’s all about progress. What are some of the projects you’re working on right now?

AJ: For me it’s all about teaching others that they already have what it takes to play a bigger game and make a difference in the world. I am just passing on what I was taught to me by my mentors. I am so happy that I was able to learn and apply what they showed me. I speak and teach on various topics related to building home based businesses, health, networking, and better face to face communication. It all comes back to thinking for yourself and finding ways to serve others.

I’m also working on some projects with Rotary International to building schools and water wells in underdeveloped countries.

CW: Well, you look great. Have you always been athletic and taken care of yourself?

AJ: I thought I did but, there was a time when I wasn’t very healthy and was under a lot of stress. Finally, I decided make health a priority to focus on strength training and figuring out what really works as far as diet and nutrition is concerned. I learned what really works and it came down to building good habits so that health is automatic.

CW: How has your success changed your life with your family?

AJ: I now have the liberty to do what I want. I can take the time and enjoy being with my family and not have my mind on something else. We strength train together, learn and play music instruments, cook and eat healthy meals, go for hikes, travel to see some cool places and have strong, supportive, intimate relationships. It’s the best feeling in the world to be able to share the time together and still know that financially Kathryn and my two sons are taken care of.

CW: What’s the best thing to come out of this experience?

AJ: I’m overwhelmed with the warm feeling I get in my heart that I saved live and bring out the passion in others. I still love seeing the lights go on in their head and watch them jump into their game and go after what’s really important the them. When I see people find their confidence, shine their light, and take action it starts to make a huge difference in the world. It’s like sunshine in my stomach.

CW: What does your success make you feel?

AJ: I feel healthy, happy, and terrific. I love my life.

CW: What’s next for you?

AJ: I’m just going to turn the heat and volume up some more, add more people to my life, and see what we can make happen. It’ll be fun!

CW: Thanks for sharing your story Andrei. We hope to see you again soon.

AJ: It’s my pleasure Chris. Thanks. I appreciate you.

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