The Master Key JourneySelf Developement Concept

Here we go!

Week one of a new journey.

So, what makes this time different?

Well in the first place, I could not buy into this class. I had to apply and be sponsored by some others that went before me. And, I have to maintain my scholarship and be held accountable for the work. So, I am going to dig in with everything I’ve got for the next 26 weeks.

In the second place, none of the previous programs I have taken really made any difference or caused me to change the way I think so that I be what I am supposed to be (actually I always was and just covered up) and create the life that I want. Sure, they all talked about it, had lots of quotes, and repeated what I already knew but, I keep going over the same things and coming up with the same results. That ends now!

This blog will detail my journey on the Master Keys as a record for me. Detailing my journey will help me think publicly about the changes as I make them. I hope you find some value in it for yourself. It’s going to be real for me.

In the first week I’ve already made some changes and have been given many reminders of what I knew but never really put in place.

Why haven’t I put them in place? We are going to find out.

I thought I had my act together and everybody was telling me that I had my act together. Things just weren’t moving forward. I have gotten totally distracted and unfocused which has caused me to not use my time effectively and not take action.

Right now I am working on:

  • Building the best habits I can for myself. Since I am controlled by my habits I might as well put the right ones in place.
  • Making promises and keeping them. I am starting small here and rebuilding my skill which got lost.
  • Having the humility to choose one thing and do that one thing until it’s finished. This is a big one for me.

I’m a little scared and at the same time I am energized about what I will find on this journey.  The know answer lies within me. I can break free and control my mind and body to create anything I want. I know I have the right guides and an alliance with a group that is always with me. It’s a movement in the right direction.

Until next time, I wish you peace and love.